Values. Inspired. Leadership.

​​VisionWorks Consulting Group, Inc. is a coaching and consulting firm based in Alberta, Canada.  We have been using values methodologies with leaders, teams and organizations since 1994. 

Over the past twenty plus years, we have partnered with a wide range of private and public organizations to clearly understand what inspires and engages people to enable extraordinary results. Our approach is customized to each of our client’s unique needs and organizational context to ensure inspired and sustainable outcomes.

We help our clients:

  • Develop leaders through customized leadership coaching and development processes that enable them to fully engage their unique leadership strengths
  • Establish leadership development programs that are customized to the specific culture and context of the organization to ensure application of learning
  • Build high performance teams by ensuring the foundation of trust and relationship is well established and then layering on practical skills to enable them to achieve their shared purpose
  • Facilitate organizations to shift their culture through understanding the values based current and desired context and crafting the narratives that facilitate organization and culture transformation
  • Develop strategic narratives that bring change initiative alive and guide diverse community members through implementation of short and long term strategic plans

Our Clients

Victor Shewchuk B.A., B.Ed, CACE, CHRP


With over 28 years experience in large national and multinational corporations, Marcy has mastered leading large scale organizational change, developing and coaching leaders, and facilitating interventions that shift individuals, teams, and systems. Her work and research interests focus on organizational culture change, values based leadership, team effectiveness, and leadership development to foster the health of the organizational system. 

Marcy has a passion for enabling individuals and teams to find personal and collective meaning that shifts perspectives and relationships in the work they do. This enables full engagement, ensures personal readiness and resilience for adaptive transformation and breakthrough organizational results.

Marcy earned her Master of Arts degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University in 2011.  Additionally, she is a qualified values practitioner, coach, and trainer of the Hall-Tonna Values methodology and has been collaborating with Values Technology since 1996.  Marcy is also associate faculty for the Values Based Leadership Graduate Certificate at Royal Roads University.


Victor brings 30 years of skills, knowledge and experience in the fields of Organizational Development, Leadership Development, and Values Based Leadership. Additionally, as Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University in Victoria, Canada, Victor shares his knowledge and skills in values with his students within the Values Based Leadership Graduate Certificate program. Victor is an accredited values coach, a master trainer, and has been learning, partnering, and practicing with Values Technology since 1994. 

Victor’s passion is helping others connect to their mission through a deep and essential connection to who they are. His work as an educator is to guide, contribute, facilitate and walk beside others so they realize their own deep knowledge, insight, and wisdom in their personal journey towards a broader stage.

Victor is an Alumnus of the University of Alberta holding degrees in Psychology and Education as well as a Certificate (with Distinction) in Adult and Continuing Education.


Marcy Strong M.A., CHRP

Vice President